InnoTherapy pursues open innovation in healthcare for the benefit of patients throughout the world.

If you are a researcher or a company with an interest in being a co-innovator
in conjunction with our company, contact us without hesitation.

Partner with us

InnoTherapy is open to a collaborative partnership with any company, organization, or researcher that shares our passion for healthcare innovation.

At InnoTherapy, we are willing to work with you to find the most appropriate and mutually beneficial mode of partnership including research collaborations, licensing, business tie-ins, and investment opportunities.

R&D collaboration

L/I, Co-research, Investment

Research Partner

Development of the technology for

an innovative material or device

Joint development

Business alliance, Investment

Development Partner

Joint business in Asia through innovative products

Portfolio sharing

L/O, Co-development, Investment

Global Marketing Partner

Overseas clinical study/approval/sales

Partner with us

For partnership, InnoTherapy is open to any companies and organizations pursuing healthcare innovation, including but not limited to research institutes and hospitals and their researchers.

At InnoTherapy, we are willing to use the most appropriate way to collaborate including research collaboration, licensing, business tie-up, and investment with an aim to suit the needs of our partners.