Our Story

Bio-inspired Medical Materials (BiMM) are at the core of InnoTherapy’s technological platform.
BiMM enables InnoTherapy to develop innovative therapeutic materials
for the healthcare sector by modifying and enhancing performance of naturally found polymeric compounds.

By leveraging the functionality of BiMM technology, InnoTherapy has successfully developed a set of powerful medical sealant products to suit a variety of medical needs such as bleeding control, leakage management, and would healing. InnoTherapy has also extended its research efforts into the development of novel bio-inspired materials with potential applications as delivery vehicles for protein-based drug therapies.

InnoTherapy unites the passion and talent of our team members with our proven prowess in clinical technologies to develop innovative products for the global healthcare market.



  •  Our platform technology using bio-inspired molecular compounds.

  • Physical properties such as solubility and adhesion are able to be controlled by attaching an adhesive phenolic functional group to a polymer, resulting in the development of therapeutic products with enhanced performance.

Tiny Gram,



  • A diverse portfolio of medical sealant products developed through applied research in novel materials exhibiting superior biocompatibility and hemostatic abilities.

  • InnoTherapy occupies an internationally competitive market position based on our unique, high-quality products.



with Proteins

  • InnoTherapy has expanded the application of our research to develop novel materials that rapidly and tightly binds to proteins.

  • These materials can be used as drug delivery systems that enhance the target-delivery function of protein-based pharmaceuticals and overcome the limitations of existing gene and protein therapy.

BiMM Technology

  • The platform technology to control physical properties such as solubility and adhesion by attaching an adhesive functional group to a polymer

  • Products that can maximize the satisfaction of patients and medical practitioners can be developed

Tiny Gram, Huge


  • A diverse portfolio of medical sealant products that suit various medical needs through the discovery of novel materials exhibiting biocompatibility and a superior hemostatic ability

  • A high level of global competitiveness ensured by unique, high-quality products at InnoTherapy

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with Proteins

  • Protein-binding novel materials are used in developing a drug delivery system for protein-based drugs by expanding the technology on a medical platform

  • Broadening the rage of the application of our platform is ongoing by way of overcoming the limitation of gene therapy and enhancing the target delivery function.