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Self‑sealing hyaluronic acid‑coated 30‑gauge intravitreal injection needles for preventing vitreous and drug reflux through needle passage
Youngsub Eom, Soomi Kim, Jungah Huh, Mi Young Koh, Jin Young Hwang, Boram Kang, Xiangzhe Li, Moon Sue Lee, Haeshin Lee, Hyo Myung Kim, Jong Suk Song
Scientific Reports, 11, 16996 (2021)
Endoscopic application of mussel-inspired phenolic chitosan as a hemostatic agent for gastrointestinal bleeding
In Kyung Yoo, Keumyeon Kim, Gawon Song, Mi-Young Koh, Moon Sue Lee, Abdullah Özgür Yeniova, Haeshin Lee, Joo Young Cho
PLoS ONE 16(5): e0251145 (2021)
Coagulopathy-independent, bioinspired hemostatic materials: A full research story from preclinical models to a human clinical trial
Keumyeon Kim, Ji Hyun Ryu, Mi-Young Koh, Sung Pil Yun, Soomi Kim, Joseph P. Park, Chul-Woo Jung, Moon Sue Lee, Hyung-Il Seo, Jae Hun Kim, Haeshin Lee
Science Advances 7 (13), eabc9992. (2021)
Randomized trial comparing radial hemostasis techniques; catechol conjugated chitosan pad (InnoSEAL) versus pneumatic compression band
Asad Z. Pathan, Saba Aijaz, Sana Sheikh, Saadia Sattar
Catheter Cardiovasc Interv. 2021;1–7.
Chitosan oral patches inspired by mussel adhesion
Ji Hyun Ryu, Ji Suk Choi, Eunsook Park, Min Rye Eom, Seongyeon Jo, Moon Sue Lee, Seong Keun Kwon, Haeshin Lee
J. Control. Release 317, 57-66 (2020)
Chitosan-catechol: a writable bioink under serum culture med…
Daiheon Lee, Joseph P. Park, Mi-Young Koh, Pureum Kim, Junhee Lee, Mikyung Shin, Haeshin Lee
Biomaterials Sci. 6, 1040-1047 (2018)
Targeting protein and peptide therapeutics to the heart via …
Mikyung Shin, Hyang-Ae Lee, Mihyun Lee, Yoomi Shin, Ji-Joon Song, Sun-Woong Kang, Dae-Hwan Nam, Eun Je Jeon, Mira Cho, Minjae Do, SunHyun Park, Moon Sue Lee, Jae-Hyung Jang, Seung-Woo Cho, Ki-Suk Kim, Haeshin Lee
Nature Biomed. Eng. 2, 304-317 (2018)
Dynamic bonds between boronic acid and alginate: hydrogels w…
Sang Hyeon Hong, Sunjin Kim, Joseph P. Park, Mikyung Shin, Keumyeon Kim, Ji Hyun Ryu, Haeshin Lee
Biomacromolecules 19, 2053-61 (2018)
Hemostatic ability of chitosan-phosphate inspired by coagulation mechanisms of platelet polyphosphates
Younseon Wang, Keumyeon Kim, Moon Sue Lee, Haeshin Lee
Macromol. Biosci. 18, e1700378 (2018)
Hemostatic swabs containing polydopamine-like catecholamine chitosan-catechol for normal and coagulopathic animal models
Mikyung Shin, Ji Hyun Ryu, Kyuri Kim, Min Jun Kim, Seongyeon Jo, Moon Sue Lee, Dong Yun Lee, Haeshin Lee
ACS Biomater. Sci. & Eng. 4, 2314-18 (2018)
Complete prevention of blood loss with self-sealing haemostatic needles
Mikyung Shin, Sung-Gurl Park, Byung-Chang Oh, Keumyeon Kim, Seongyeon Jo, Moon Sue Lee, Seok Song Oh, Seon-Hui Hong, Eui-Cheol Shin, Ki-Suk Kim, Sun-Woong Kang, Haeshin Lee
Nature Mater. 16, 147-152 (2017)
TAPE: A biodegradable hemostatic glue inspired by a ubiquitous compound in plants for surgical application
Keumyeon Kim, Haeshin Lee, Seonki Hong
J. Visual. Exp. 112, e53930 (2016)
PEGylation and HAylation via catechol: α-amine-specific reaction at N-terminus of peptides and proteins
In Taek Song, Mihyun Lee, Hyukjin Lee, Jinah Han, Jae-Hyung Jang, Moon Sue Lee, Gou Young Koh, Haeshin Lee
Acta Biomater. 43, 50-60 (2016)
Tannic acid as a degradable mucoadhesive compound
Mikyung Shin, Keumyeon Kim, Whuisu Shim, Jae Wook Yang, Haeshin Lee
ACS Biomaterials Sci. & Eng. 2, 687-696 (2016)
TAPE: a medical adhesive inspired by a ubiquitous compound in plants
Keumyeon Kim, Mikyung Shin, Mi-Young Koh, Ji Hyun Ryu, Moon Sue Lee, Seonki Hong, Haeshin Lee
Adv. Funct. Mater. 25, 2402-2410 (2015)