Through innovative research activities, InnoTherapy has simultaneously established a distinguished portfolio in the field of medical sealants and expanded the business steadily towards the global market.

The proactive R&D collaboration and technological innovation have allowed InnoTherapy to continue to expand the scope of research to include the bio-therapeutics field.


November 7


Investment and strategic alliance with Finemedix

InnoSEAL approved in Israel, Argentina

November 7


InnoTherapy listed on KOSDAQ stock exchange

InnoSEAL Plus (absorbable hemostat) approval in Korea

EndoSil (absorbable hemostat) approval in Korea

InnoSEAL approved in Hong Kong, Pakistan

Investment from NVC

November 7


InnoSEAL brand registration in Japan

InnoSEAL Plus pivotal clinical study completed

EndoSil pivotal clinical study completed

ISO 13485 certification

November 7


InnoSEAL Plus first in human clinical trial completed

InnoSEAL Plus pivotal clinical study plan approved

EndoSil pivotal clinical study plan completed

Seoul manufacturing plant GMP certification

November 7


InnoSEAL FDA 510(k) cleared

InnoSEAL Plus first-in-human clinical study plan approved

November 7


InnoSEAL approval in Korea

Establishment of InnoTherapy America, Inc. in the U.S. (New Jersey)

GMP certification

Relocation of corporate office & Establishment of the Seoul Manufacturing Plant (Factory 2)

November 7


NET certification for New Health Technology (Ministry of Health and Welfare)

November 7


Establishment of Daejeon branch

Establishment of Research Center & Completion of Cleanroom Facility

November 7


Foundation of InnoTherapy Inc.